Our Story


To provide community support to the people of Coosa County, that are impacted by cancer, as they navigate the period of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.


DianeChamberAwardDiane Mitchell, COACH President
2015 Coosa County Woman of the Year

Growing up  in Coosa County, my mother and her neighbors were always helping each other in times of need. I learned about “neighbors helping neighbors” from her.

Momma was diagnosed with cancer in 1999.  She was 83 years old. For the next 18 months she endured chemo and radiation treatments. In May 2001, cancer took her life.

I was a team fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in Tallapoosa County for years. After Momma died, I wanted to make a difference and help families in Coosa County. With help from family, friends and neighbors, we started Coosa County Relay For Life in 2002. By 2012,  that county fundraising effort exceeded $500,000 for the American Cancer Society.  But when Coosa County cancer victims and their families asked for financial assistance, there were no funds to help them because the money raised went to cancer research.

I am a “get it done” person, and I felt money raised in our county should stay in our county.  My heart led me to form Cancer Outreach And Community Hope (COACH) in November 2012. This 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation provides financial assistance to cancer victims and their families who live in Coosa County.

With the Board of Directors, my family, friends, and neighbors, I thank each of you for making this organization a reality.

A heart dedicated to helping others,
Diane Barnes Mitchell

In loving memory of my Momma, Myrtle Shaw Barnes (October 9, 1915 – May 16, 2001).